Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Paramount Gleefully awaits Darren Criss

In the course of one year Darren Criss has gone from YouTube sensation to a 4-time Billboard charting musician. Criss currently stars as Blaine Anderson on Fox’s Emmy Award-winning series Glee. His outstanding rendition of Katy Perry’s ‘Teenage Dream’ debuted at #1 on Billboard and sold over 200,000 tracks in its first week.
Criss plays a variety of instruments including the violin, guitar, piano, and played the drums in his brother’s band. He pursued his acting degree at the University of Michigan and in his senior year helped create a Harry Potter musical parody.  He stared as the boy wizard and composed the music used in the production. Within weeks of posting the musical online the video garnered millions of views.

After the positive feedback from his first musical, Criss and his partner teamed up and created StarKid Productions. With Criss composing the music and lyrics, StarKid gained followers from all over the world. StarKid Productions has expanded and is now based out of Chicago. Glee has not altered Criss’ commitment to Starkid; he continues to compose all the music for the original comedies.   

When Criss isn’t producing music for StarKid, he’s busy writing music for himself as an artist. Criss’ quirky personality and raw outlook on life are the basis for his music. He has a wide range of genres including soul, rock, jazz and classical music. Criss has become one of the most sought-after musician and actor of his generation. With all his success Criss says, “I just hope I can continue to do work that matters to me, I’m not interested in being any kind of superstar or anything I’m not. I’m just a dude who got lucky and an artist who cares about the work that I do.” This summer, he will make his theatrical debut in the film Girl Most Likely, alongside Kristen Wiig, Annett Benning and Matt Dillon.


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