Monday, July 22, 2013

Dickey Betts Fights Back

Dickey Betts, founding member of The Allman Brothers Band, found out via fax that he was no welcomed in the band back in 2000.  “I received a fax notifying me that I would not be performing this summer with ABB. It said, 'You have not been performing well and our shows have been repeatedly disappointing to both us and our fans as a result.' The implication was that I was suffering from some sort of health or drug problem. THIS IS TOTALLY, ABSOLUTELY, UNFOUNDED!” Dickey had spent 30 years making music with the band and although it was hard, Dickey kept creating music on his own.  

Like most brilliant musicians, Dickey suffered from an alcoholism and drug abuse. In 1994, Dickey was unable to tour with the band due to his problem. Since his last stay at a rehab center in Florida, Dickey has cleaned himself up. 70 year-old Dickey has continued playing music at his own pace and enjoys waking up with nothing on his schedule. As for the Allman Brothers Band, they continue to tour and play at large venues. They have replaced Dickey with Jimmy Herring, who is almost as good as the original.

Come support Dickey at the Paramount this Saturday, July 27. He will be performing in the Rock the Blues Summer Jam along with The Fabulous Thunderbirds, The Dirty Dozen Brass Band & Beverly McClellan. To purchase tickets go to or visit us at the box office! 

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