Thursday, July 25, 2013

Inside Celebrities Closest: The Most Outrageous Looks

Celebrities have a lot of things ordinary people wish they had. They travel with an entourage of makeup artists, hair dressers, and a personal stylist. Fashion designers from all over the world lend their extravagant designs to celebrities. They are trend setters, world travelers, and are on the pulse of high-end fashion. When their jet lands and the tours come to an end, celebrities fend for themselves without the aid of a stylist.

Miley Cyrus first captured the attention of the American public as the cute Hanna Montana on Disney Chanel. Fast forward a couple years and Miley was caught smoking a substance out of a bong, baring it all for Vanity Fair, and recently seen running errands with her mom wearing a skirt and top made out of money. I personally can think of other ways I’d spend my money, but when you’re young, rich, and famous designer brands can seem mundane.  She has made it clear she is no longer the little girl people idolized.

Miley’s outfit choices are normal compared to the always outrageous Lady Gaga, but according to Gaga there is meaning behind her outfit choices. For the 2010 MTV Music Video Awards she wore a meat dress complimented by a meat beret and purse. She left the audience wondering why she was wearing raw meat and praying that she doesn’t get E. coli. Later, it was reported that she wore the outfit because "If we don't fight for our rights, pretty soon we're going to have as much rights as the meat on our bones." The meat outfit might have upset animal lovers, but these ladies aren’t the only ones with a strange sense of style.

 Some male artists including Justin Bieber and Cee Lo Green have been repeat fashion offenders. 

Justin Bieber has always been made fun of the way he looks, but recently he has been an easy target for the media. His tattoos include a tiger; the word ‘Believe’; an owl; a fish; an angel, who happens to look like his ex Selena Gomez; a castle with a man in armor; an ‘X’ and just this week his mom’s eye all on one arm. As his body art continues to spread all over his body because one arm can only fit so much; his pants are beginning to look like a baby’s dirty diaper. All his reported drug use is killing his brain cells that control his fashion sense.

Cee Lo Green is a coach on NBC’s The Voice and is best known for his song “F&%$ you." While millions of viewers tune in to watch the competition unfold; they can’t help but notice what Cee Lo Green is wearing. He has been seen in a zebra button down and matching pants, Elvis inspired bodysuit with a wig to complete the outfit, and a knitted American Flag inspired poncho with a matching cap. These are only some of the outfits Cee Lo has worn over the years.

As celebrities continue to rise to fame, their sense of style continues to change. Money can buy expensive designer brands and bizarre costumes, it can’t buy style.


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