Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Celebrities Cocktails

Touring is exhausting with all the traveling, screaming fans, and late nights. By the end of the night celebrities want to put their feet up and relax with a refreshing cocktail. Here are some celebrities and their favorite drinks. Do you share a favorite drink with a celebrity?

U2 front man, Bono enjoys Jack Daniels  during his down time.

Madonna’s drink of choice is the Pomegranate Martini.  

Jay-Z sips champagne, Armand de Brignac to be exact, with BeyoncĂ© and Blue Ivy by his side. 

Mark McGrath quenched his thirst with Vodka Cranberry with a splash of soda after the Under The Sun tour here at the Paramount. 

Toni Braxton indulges in Cosmopolitans to relax after a performance.

Cee Lo Green loves the refreshing 
taste of a Long Island Iced-tea.

Hanson recently brewed up MMMHop Beer to celebrate the third decade of making music together. MMMHops made its premier at the Hangover 3 after party and rightly so since “MMMBop” is played in the movie. Hanson will be performing this Sunday at the paramount. Tickets are still available and can be purchased at the box office or through Ticketmaster. Come down to the show and unwind with your favorite cocktail!

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