Monday, March 3, 2014

The Paramount’s Do’s and Don’ts of Concert Going

When people find out that I work at The Paramount they usually ask me these three questions: What artists have you met? None yet. Can you get me FREE tickets? No I cannot. What is the craziest thing you’ve seen? There is a long list of crazy things I (along with my coworkers) have seen. To help answer that question we made a list of do’s and don’ts of attending a live show.

Let’s start with the don’ts.

  1. Live in the moment; don’t watch the concert through your cell phone.
  2. No one likes a sloppy mess. Don’t pregame to hard, there are bars at the venue and if you are paying to see a concert you might want to remember it.
  3. Please don’t lip sync if you don’t know the lyrics everyone can tell
  4. Stop with the selfies. We know our bathrooms are the perfect backdrop to your selfies, but please refrain yourselves …some people actually want to wash their hands.
  5. Don’t wear the bands concert-tee at the concert (especially if you don’t know the band)
  6. Don’t wear anything your mother wouldn’t approve of. Wear something age and weather appropriate.
  7. When you see people crowd surfing fight the urge to take off their shoe. This has happened to someone who works here and luckily she retrieved her shoe at the end of the night.

Now that you know what you shouldn’t do you’re probably wondering what you can do…

  1. Respect others while dancing. We get you love to dance and the music takes over your body, but make sure you don’t smack someone in the face with your limbs and spill your drink on them.
  2. Pay attention to those around you. If you are tall make sure you’re not blocking those who are vertically challenged. You can see over their heads they can’t see over yours. I know it’s not your fault for being tall and you want a good spot too, but can’t we compromise?
  3. Tip your bartenders. They work hard to ensure everyone gets served quickly and they deserve a good tip.
  4. Water is good for you. Stay Hydrated throughout the night and for every alcoholic drink have some water.
  5. Come with a designated driver. There are cops all over Huntington and we want concert goers to have fun but get home safely. If you don’t come with a DD we can call a cab for you.
  6. Wear comfortable shoes. You will be standing on your feet all night and taking off your shoes is just gross.
  7. The early bird gets the worm. So get here early to ensure you get a great spot next to the stage.

Now that we have prepared you with the do’s and don’ts of concert going we hope to see you soon at an upcoming show. For information on shows please like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram, and make sure to sign-up for our FREE e-newsletter for show announcements and presale codes.

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  1. Have no problem trying to compromise with others as to rocking out and dancing, but let's face it ! Its a live concert and I'm gonna dance. So why should I get harrased by people all around me cause they choose to SIT during a rocking live concert!!!