Thursday, April 30, 2015

10 Tattoos That Prove Not Every Idea is a Good Idea

A few permanent reminders of poorly executed ideas.  

1) Nothing says "Gangster" like a muscular unicorn with 2Pac's face...well done.
2) This is what your friends meant when they said you take jokes "too far."
3) ...and it's now or never, this tattoo is going to last forever.
4) I had no idea Hanson had a middle aged woman in the band.
5) If you wanna be my lover you better have good taste in tattoos.
6) This hair style will never fade.

7) They brought a whole new meaning to bringing Claymation to life.

8) The highway to hell was only an exit away from this tattoo shop.

9) Should of went a little more to the left.

10) This is what happens when you trust your drunk friend to do your tattoo...

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