Tuesday, April 7, 2015

10 Things You May Not Know About The Paramount

1. When walking by The Paramount on a non-show night, you may hear a heartbeat. It’s because the building is alive with the sound of music... the real reason? The Paramount is the pulse of live entertainment on Long Island.

2. A majority of our staff are musicians. We have a mix of drummers; lead singers; guitar players; bassists and pianists. You may even follow some of their bands.

3. Our security guards are music aficionados. Don’t be surprised when you see some head bopping, foot tapping, or even a roar of laughter come from them when Frank Caliendo is in town.

4. There’s an inscribed plaque imbedded into the stage where Bill Joel played. You may have heard a couple of artists mention it including Taking Back Sunday last month.

5. Our venue is original in more ways than one. From the brick throughout the building to the giant air-conveying fans, we kept its integrity!
6. Our corporate headquarters is full of graffiti by the same artist that painted the bathrooms at the venue. Featured pieces include a Prince vs. George Clinton laser war, what can be more bad-ass than that?!

7. There’s a wall in the Green Room full of band/artist signatures, tags, and original artwork.
8. The venue is haunted by a ghost…a friendly ghost that is. Don’t believe me? Just ask some of our venue managers, they’ve each had encounters of their own.

9. It's not wallpaper! The lyrics on the staircase leading upstairs are individually hand written by employees, friends and family before the doors opened in 2011. Create your own lyrical wall using Sharpie paint markers!
10. Behind the main bars are old backstage electrical panels for set changed and lighting.
Other facts that didn't make the final list include: recently celebrating our 500th show during the Taking Back Sunday concert this past March; garnering over 50,000 Facebook fans; Billboard Magazine ranking us as the “23rd Hottest Club” in 2014 and the installation of an in-house radio station coming this fall!


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