Wednesday, August 12, 2015

6 Health Benefits of Attending Concerts

As if you needed more reasons to go see your favorite band


Research has shown that attending concerts is beneficial to your physical and emotional health! Check out the different ways attending a concert can increase your wellbeing below:

1) An hour of dancing can burn upwards of 400 calories
2) Singing increases oxytocin levels in the brain, leaving you energized and joyful.
3) Listening to music improves cognition and enhances memory.
4) Attending concerts can provide a sense of belonging to a larger community.

5) Music reduces anxiety and stress.

6) Dancing leads to an increase in self-esteem, along with other emotional benefits.

Put away the hand weights and step off the treadmill, because I think you just found your new workout routine! Who needs a gym membership when The Paramount has different shows every week? Come join us and dance those calories away! We are constantly booking new artists, so stay updated on future show announcements and pre-sale codes by signing up for our FREE e-newsletter, following us on Twitter and liking us on Facebook.

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