Friday, August 28, 2015

9 Accidents That Happened Live On Stage


  1. Ed Sheeran poops his pants. We love you Ed, but you really couldn't hold it?
  2. Michael Clifford of 5SOS's hair caught fire. 
  3. Madonna fell off stage...she's 57 years-old, it was a good run.

  4. Taylor Swift's stage breaks down leaving her stuck suspended over crowd.
  5. Enrique Iglesias injured his hand on drone.
  6. Harry Styles fell again...get it together mate. 
  7. Ciara kicked a fan in the Face during a sexy lap dance.
  8. Dave Grohl broke his leg after he went to jump on a ramp and clearly missed.
  9. David Lee Roth whacked himself in the face with a microphone stand during his taped performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

The Paramount has also seen some accidents of their own like when the bass player of Gin Blossoms, Bill Leen, stumbled backwards and crashed to the floor, appearing to pass out. You never know when you’ll witness a train wreck at a concert, so make sure to visit The Paramount and experience the performance live!

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