Friday, April 29, 2016

6 Music Videos That Will Stop You In Your Tracks

There are many music videos out today and most seem like they’re all the same. Here are a few of the music videos that break the mold.

If you haven’t been living under a rock or stranded on a desert island with no WiFi for the past year, you’ve probably seen this video. The build up to its release was that of a movie and it did not disappoint. 

A female cupid that just wants to find love for herself...can this please be a full length movie? This video is perfection. Things do get pretty weird at the end, though. Not to mention, Ed performed “Give Me Love” at the Paramount in 2014.

This music video is iconic. The seamless combination of live action and animation is captivating.

OK Go is no stranger to unique music videos. I thought “Here It Goes Again” was a super unique music video, and then I stumbled upon their 2016 video for “Upside Down & Inside Out,” which they shot in ZERO gravity. Both of these videos, filmed a decade apart, are expertly choreographed and shot in one continuous take. Fun fact: it took 8 tries to get the video for “Upside Down & Inside Out” right.

Throwback to Yellowcard at the Paramount in 2013! This video is probably what would have happened if Groundhog Day was an action movie.

Brendan Urie dancing alone in a motel parking lot probably would have been enough to make it onto this list. Fortunately for us the rest of the video just gets weirder....someone call CSI: Las Vegas.

-Intern Michaella

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