Monday, June 27, 2016

Tom DeLonge of Blink-182 Responds!

Fresh off their appearance at the Firefly Music Festival, Blink-182 is gearing up to release their 7th studio album titled “California”. This time around, the Blink-182 lineup looks a bit different with founder/lead singer/guitarist Tom DeLonge out of the band, and Alkaline Trio singer Matt Skiba, in. Bad blood is nothing new to the band since they have already experienced a breakup that lasted from 2005-2009.

Earlier this week, reports began circling that DeLonge had left Blink to ‘search for UFO’s’. By now it is no secret that DeLonge has been fully invested in his extraterrestrial studies. He has a book titled Sekret Machines which discusses potential extraterrestrial life. We also got a glimpse of his obsession when he wrote the catchy Blink anthem ‘Aliens Exist’. However, DeLonge was not too fond of the reports about him and he wasted no time to comment on them. DeLonge took to his Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to show his frustration with the media reports writing “Quitting the band to search for UFOs? Hahhaha WTF is wrong with you media. I’m actually talking to Travis [Barker] about us right now… Never did quit, remember?” 

Still standing by his previous claims that he did not quit the band, DeLonge then goes on to say that he was even talking to Blink drummer Travis Barker! The two even exchanged tweets which were sure to get the Blink-182 fandom riled up. Tom stands by his decisions and insists that he has not quit the band, he simply has a lot going on with his side projects and he wants to focus on them for the time being.

With an album  dropping July 1st and a massive summer tour in place, Blink-182 fans shouldn’t stress too much about the drama. Matt Skiba has shown he can handle the expectations of replacing Tom DeLonge and has adapted to the intensity that is playing at Blink-182’ live shows. And who knows? A Tom DeLonge reunion with Blink-182 might come sooner than later; for DeLonge has shown every implication that he is still the same punk rocker at heart that we all know and love.

-Intern Hunter

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