Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Sleep With Kanye And You'll Be FAMOUS

Just when you may have thought Kanye West was simmering down after his release of The Life of Pablo, back in February, and his recent concert tour announcement; you thought wrong. West, aside from his prominence through talent and music, is also commonly known for his controversial public displays, tweets and apparently now his music videos.

As his mantra states, “Just do it big,” many of us can come to agreement that he is doing just that. Whether it is negative or positive attention, the renowned artist has once again managed to remain “big” and assume his position of front and center in the spotlight.

Talking about big, Kanye West premiered his new music video, Famous Friday, June 24th. All friends, fans and everyone apart of the KarJenner crew eagerly anticipated this premier. The music video was inspired by the piece, “Sleep”, by painter Vincent Desiderio. However, Kanye put his own little dramatic spin on it. West’s video revealed a shocking twelve nude bodies of famous celebrities in bed, and right smack in the middle, Kimye, themselves! Bodies surrounding the couple include Taylor Swift, Donald Trump, Chris Brown, and a bunch more!

It’s no surprise that this suggestive and explicit video came from Kanye, now is it? Aside from the video itself, the reactions and attention that it has gotten are a whole other story. Desiderio, painter of “Sleep,” gives his approval and claims West “…deserves his due for producing a beautiful and compelling video.”

Chris Brown responded with a shot of him commenting on his “plumbers butt” and posted an additional picture of a Barbie doll edition.

Ray-J, ex of Kim Kardashian, along with others, was in deep shock. He opened up and explained that he was offended and confused as to why he’d be included in something like this. Wanting nothing to do with Ye’s nonsense, he made a brief statement about how it affected his relationship with his fiancĂ©e. Ray J told Entertainment Tonight that he is "just trying to stay positive."

During an interview with Hollywood Life, a source also leaked that Rihanna’s only complaint was being sandwiched between Trump and Bush, and claimed “she’d rather lay next to the devil while drink boiling hot water in hell than to share sheets with either of those two.”

Lena Dunham, writer of Girls, referred to the video as “sickening” and disturbing”. Even former president of the United States, George Bush, had a rep who made sure it was clear that Bush was not actually in the video, and that he’s in better shape than pictured; thanks for the update George. Kayne West is certainly stirring up the pop-culture community. Photos and meme’s mocking the audacious rapper’s video are everywhere. Chris Brown wasn’t the only one to poke fun.

Ironically enough, just as Kanye West claims to have made Taylor Swift “famous,” Paris Hilton actually did have quite an influence over Kim Kardashian. Hilton explains in a 2015 interview that she feels responsible for Kardashian’s rise to fame. With this being said, maybe you’ll find this meme a bit ironic, as we shouldn’t forget who made West’s wife famous.

Kanye is boldly welcoming any lawsuits, even encouraging them. Kanye reportedly tweeted, but within two days deleted, “Can somebody sue me already “I’llwait,” obviously referring to his music video.

Can this open invitation mean potential legal issues for the daring big shot? Kanye, it’s time to lawyer up.

-Intern Rachel

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