Thursday, July 14, 2016

Where Do You Know Eric Stonestreet From?

Eric Stonestreet’s face seems like quite a familiar one, doesn’t it? He has certainly made his mark throughout film and television. You may not have even realized, but his face – and even his voice – has appeared way more than you might’ve originally thought! Here are five places where you’ve definitely seen Eric Stonestreet before:

1. Modern Family
You probably know him best as Cameron Tucker from Modern Family. Cam’s upbeat and hilarious persona seems like the perfect role, and has even won him two Emmy Awards out of three nominations. You go, Eric!

2. The Secret Life of Pets
This new, computer-animated comedy movie is downright adorable! In this must see movie, Eric plays the voice of Duke - a massive, mangy and seemingly reckless Newfoundland. Two paws up for this role!

3. American Horror Story
In the thriller American Horror Story, Eric Stonestreet appears as Derek, a psychiatric patient. Horrified of the urban legend of “Piggy Man”, he seeks help from Ben Harmon (a main character). Don’t worry Eric, Piggy Man sounds pretty scary to me, too.

4. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
When it comes to investigating, Eric knows what to do. His role as Ronnie Litre, a questioned documents technician, landed him on CSI for five seasons –and he’s always up for a challenge in court.

5. Malcom in the Middle 
Appearing on the first season of Malcom in the Middle, Eric plays Phil, an exterminator when Malcom’s family’s house needs to be fumigated…  Eric to the rescue!

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-Intern Rachel

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