Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Musicians Point of View

I’ll never forget the first time I picked up an instrument and music became a part of my life. Technically it was a trumpet, but that was the moment that happened (I’m not a brass guy and enjoy playing music I write rather than the stuff they had us play in 4th grade band).  No, that moment happened when I was 14 and finally got the bass and lessons I wanted to. I fell in love and started playing as soon as I got it, even though all I did was play notes out of key and without rhythm. I progressed though, joined a band, got lessons, and all that jazz. Then I broke my wrist in my sophomore year of high school, and took that as the sign I was looking for to switch to guitar. Since then, time has moved on, I learned guitar and a little bit of drums, ive played many shows with my band, seen even more. My first show I saw that I was truly into was taste of chaos in 2006. I remember it was half a dream lineup, and there was only one other show that had all my favorite bands at the time playing the same show (taste of chaos 2007). Taste of chaos had As I Lay Dying, Atreyu, Greeley estates, Silverstein, Story of the year, Thrice, and headlined by the Deftones. It was an amazing show, literally unforgettable and a great first experience into the concert world. The good news is Deftones and As I lay Dying are coming here to The Paramount, I’m going to make sure I’m at both of those and hopefully I get as good of a show as my first one. Here’s to hoping it’s a little bit of a throwback,. And also a show to symbolize my own personal progression  in the music world, from picking up that bass to now interning here and graduating school for audio engineering.

Steve - intern

Brick given to each of our artists that perform at The Paramount

Thursday, March 7, 2013

We Have Found The Missing Jewel

Before Jewel sold out venues, composed #1 hits, and landed on Bravo’s series, Platinum Hits, she was an Alaskan youth. She shared a strong bond with her grandmother, Ruth, who was an aspiring German opera singer. Ruth moved to Alaska to escape Germany and married Yule Kilcher. They went on to raise eight children and Ruth shared her passion for nature and music with them. Jewels’ father was an Alaskan cowboy singer-songwriter and connected with Jewel through music.
After high school Jewel worked in a computer warehouse until she was fired, homeless, and living out of a car for a year. With all her bad luck she was able to focus on music. Jewel built up a small fan base thanks to her regular gig at a coffeehouse in Pacific Beach. Her songs reached a local radio station and attracted numerous record labels. Jewel was signed to Atlantic Records close to her 19th birthday.

 She opened for Bob Dylan and Neil Young. Sang with BB King and got to be on Merle Haggard’s album of #1 Hits. After a year of touring, “Who Will Save Your Soul”, “You Were Meant for Me”, and “Foolish Games” became hit singles. The album went on to sell 12 million copies. Throughout the years she has been honored with four Grammy Award nominations, an American Music Award and an MTV video Music Award. She was presented the Governors Award and her poetry collection was on The New York Times bestseller list. Jewel has also been featured on the covers of Vanity Fair, Time, People, Seventeen, In Style, Glamour, and Entertainment Weekly. Stuff magazine listed her among its ‘102 Sexiest Women in the World’ while Blender crowned her “rock’s sexiest poet.”
In 2011 Jewel and her husband, Ty Murray, celebrated the birth of their child Kase Townes. Soon after she released her second children’s album and in 2012 the album was followed up by a picture book and CD based on a song from the album. With a long history of success, Jewel is ready to release her first greatest hits album. The collection includes two new recordings of “Foolish Games” featuring Kelly Clarkson and “You Were Meant for Me” featuring the Pistol Annies. The album will also include her new single entitled, “Two Hearts Breaking.”
Jewel has had a multiple successes in the music industry, television series, and is a well-respected poet. She will continue to recreate herself making her grandmother and her fathers’ aspirations come true. Later this year, Jewel will take on her next role starring as June Carter Cash in the Lifetime movie, “Ring of Fire”.

Katherine (Intern)