Monday, January 21, 2013

Live Music. Even in the cold.

Winter; known for its dreary cold mornings, hot lattes, and hoping the weather isn’t below zero degrees. Always hoping that it doesn’t snow so we don’t have to shovel our driveways, some of us happen to enjoy this weather, while others get winter depression. A common thought that crosses our minds are, “what can we do?” Most of us dedicate this time to work, but we need some sort of entertainment. There aren’t a lot of options, but most would agree that the best option is winter concerts. Not only are there many tours occurring in the winter, concerts are typically on the warmer side, whether it be from the heat provided, or body heat in the crowd. Typically, bands like touring in the winter. College students have a month off, and with this cold weather, beaches are not an option. Unless of course, if you go on vacation. Luckily for some of us, New York is full of venues to our convenience. There is The Paramount, Gramercy Theater, and Madison Square Garden, to the most local venues such as Santos, Ollie’s Point, and the Vibe Lounge. All venues accommodate to all genres of music. Especially with the cold temperatures, we need some sort of entertainment. When I say entertainment, I don’t mean watching TV by yourselves. Instead, I mean something that can be done with friends. There is not a day that we don’t stick in our earphones, and listen to some music, as some sort of escape. So why not escape this weather by taking a night off, hanging out with some friends, and enjoying the music we commonly listen to in concert. We support our favorite music by attending their concerts, and we enjoy a nice night out. Ultimately, it’s a win-win.

- Angie (Intern) 

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