Thursday, April 18, 2013

Working in the Box Office!

I have been working in the box office since mid-December and I love it! The box office is one of the most important parts of the venue because we sell the tickets to the fans of our many upcoming shows! It’s a great feeling to have when you hand over the tickets to a customer knowing you sold them tickets to a show that they are excited to go to! Buying tickets at the box office is a more personal experience then buying them online because we can help you choose the exact seat you want. If there is not a show the day you stop by, you can actually go on a tour of the venue and see where you want to sit before buying! The next time you go to buy tickets to an awesome show at The Paramount, come on down to the box office! We are open every day 12-6 and if there’s a show that day we are open until 9! We are more then happy to help you with any questions you have and will help you customize your order!
Hope to see you soon!

-     -  Emily (intern)

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