Friday, May 17, 2013

Summer Tours

As we quickly approach the spring season, we tend to be bombarded with tour announcements. Before we know it, we’re back to planning out which bands we want to see, and where. With all the free time allotted to us, we can enjoy all day festivals such as Warped Tour, and even the return of Skate and Surf this year. In order to truly enjoy these festivals, it’s important that we plan ahead. Car rides, food money, and even accommodations, are necessary to be thought out. But unfortunately for us, these festivals only last a few days in the large span of time we have off from school. 
Other options we have are checking out venues, which are surrounded in an eventful neighborhood. The Paramount is a perfect venue for this. Huntington Village is full of restaurants and shops where you can easily spend your whole day walking around and you wouldn’t notice it. Then at night, you can come to the venue and listen to some good music. But before we can cherish the thought of summer, we need to finish our classes, and with that, good luck."

-Angie (intern)

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