Monday, May 20, 2013

The 2013 Billboard Music Award Highlights

A treat to all viewers was a moment when A-Ha singer Morten Harket joined Pitbull and Christina Aguilera during “Feel This Moment”.  Catch this great moment here:  However things didn’t go so smooth for Miguel who sure gave a performance that a viewer cannot forget.  While singing “Adorn” Miguel took a moment to jump over a crowd of fans filling an area by the stage. It seemed he had a good running start however his landing showed otherwise.  A young female was kicked in the face while another’s body was landed on.  During all of this commotion Miguel kept on performing never missing a beat.  After all the commotion happened the two girls seemed to keep low and just walk away while Miguel kept on singing never missing a beat.
Justin Bieber received the first ever milestone award and it was not as well-received as one would think.  When one wins an award you think the room would be filled with cheering right? Well that wasn’t the case when it was announced that Justin Bieber won the first ever fan-voted Milestone Award.  Beating out Bruno Mars and Taylor Swift, the room filled with a mixture of boos and cheers as Bieber took the stage.  Justin Bieber’s acceptance speech was terrible as well.  He basically pleaded for himself to get respect from his peers in the industry.  Maybe if he focused more on his “craft of making music” and less about his tool-like image he would get the respect he wants.  The fact that this was a fan-voted award also raises suspicion about the results.  It appears that although there may have been a better candidate to receive this award, the crazed fans of Justin Bieber allowed him to obtain this award.
Prince closed the show winning the Icon award and joining the ranks of Stevie Wonder and Neil Diamond.  This award seemed like it was well deserved and that they saved the best for last.  Prince preaching his love to the audience seemed like the 70s at their finest for those of us not familiar with his music.  
Overall I feel the Billboard music awards had something for everyone to enjoy, but it did not seem like an awards show.  It rather seemed like a space to showcase top 40, big production performances in Las Vegas.  It’s no surprise to some that Taylor Swift took home 8 awards but you wouldn’t know that from watching the show.  For a full list of awards check out the list here:

Courtney & Jesse (interns)

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