Friday, May 3, 2013

Twitter #music

Twitter has brought a whole new meaning to the Songbird. Last Thursday, Twitter announced their latest app called Twitter #music. The app allows users to preview the latest songs trending on Twitter along with emerging artists or the “hidden talent found in the tweets.” Users are able to download music they love to their Spotify and ITunes account right from Twitter #music.
In a blog posted by Twitter they said that #music will be both a web platform and an iOS app that suggests music based on users' Twitter activity. Users can share music with their followers from the app by linking with iTunes, Spotify and Rdio, and find music recommended by people, especially musicians, they follow.

In 2012, Twitter had acquired We Are Hunted and had been working on the app for a while now. Artists and musicians will be able to connect with their fans in a whole new way. Twitter tested out the app on artists like Jason Mraz who tweeted, “Thanks to my friends @TwitterMusic for sharing your new app and connecting us thru music. Congrats!” and Nikki Sixx tweeted, “Loving the new app by Twiiter #Music.I think this is gonna revolutionize things real fast...”

Twitter is revolutionizing the way people share, listen, and download music. Users will find themselves sampling dozens of songs from all different artists for hours at a time. Twitter #music exposes users to different genres, artists, and musicians. Users are one tweet away from finding a song that is the anthem of their lives.

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- Katherine (Intern)

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